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Investor FAQ

Trading Platform

1. What trading platforms can I use?

All trading operations in the company are performed in the most common and popular trading terminal MetaTrader4.

You can download trading terminal from our website for your Windows, MAC, or Android system.

2. Why do I see “No Connection” notification?

You can see notification “No Connection” in following cases:

  • You have not internet (or incorrect)connection;
  • Your Firewall may disable access to our server (try to switch it off);
  • You specified incorrect IP address of server;
  • Old version of MT4, try to update it.

When authorizing, please be sure that there are not active programmes that can block access to trading terminal or internet connection.

3. Why do I see “Invalid Account” notification?

You can see notification “Invalid Account” in following cases:

  • You type incorrect password of login;
  • You specify incorrect server.

Pay attention! When you open a trading account, you receive E-mail with personal trading data (login and password). Keep your information safe.

4. How can I change password for trading or demo account?

For security purposes you can change password for trading or demo account right in the MT4.

Follow Tools – Options- Server and click “Change”

5. What time is specified in trading terminal?

All information in trading terminal is specified in GTM: 0.

6. Why do I see “Trade is disabled” when I try to open or modify order?

You can see notification “Trade is disabled” in following cases:

Trade may be disabled due to weekdays or holidays (international or in some countries) which may influence trading. Follow Calendar of holidays to find more information about holidays.

Trade may be also disabled due to force majeure according to the Agreement.

7. Market Watch does not show all trading instruments

If you can’t see all trading instruments in “Market Watch”, you need to click on that window and select “Show All”. If you want to hide symbols, you may choose “Hide All”.

8. How can I check all account history?

If you want to check history of orders on you trading account, you need to choose “Account History” in MT4. In case if you see only a part of your orders, you need to click on that window and select “

You can set custom period by clicking “Custom Period”

9. What is trailing stop?

Trailing Stop is a stop order that can be set at some percentage away from current market price. In case if market price moves in profit, trailing stop shifts stop loss level by set percentage.

Pay Attention! Trailing stop is not a server order and it works only if your MT4 is running.