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Investor FAQ


1. What is PAMM account?

PAMM account is investment of funds in management of investor (Manager). Manager trades on his/hers account, at that time profit and loss are divided between manager’s account and investment accounts. Commission of manager is set during the opening of PAMM account.

2. How can I open a PAMM account?

If you open a PAMM account you become a manager, so that you can trade with investors’ funds, receiving a commission.

You can open a PAMM account in your Personal Account:

  • Authorize
  • Read through Regulations
  • Select “My PAMM accounts” or click “New account” and choose “Investment”.
  • Confirm your agreement and the account will be opened.

Pay attention! Only verified clients can open PAMM accounts. You can verify account in “Personal information”.

3. What do public or private PAMM accounts mean?

Public account is an account that is visible in “PAMM Rating” and available for monitoring. All clients can invest in this PAMM account if the requirements of account suit them.

Private PAMM account is not visible in “PAMM Rating” and available only for definite persons through special unique investment link generated for each private PAMM account. Trading and management conditions for private and public accounts are the same.

Pay attention! Private accounts cannot be changed to public ones.

4. How can I set a schedule?

If you want to set a schedule, you have to select “My PAMM Accounts”, choose PAMM account you need and follow “Schedule”. Then you can set a time for rollovers.

Rollovers are needed for processing of investment/withdrawal in/from PAMM account and updating the information.

There are open and closed rollovers. Investment/withdrawal request can be processed during open rollover. Investment/withdrawal request cannot be processed during closed rollover.

A PAMM account must have at least one open rollover per day.

5. How can I liquidate PAMM account?

Liquidation of PAMM account means full closure of PAMM account. All investment accounts of this PAMM account will be deleted. After PAMM account is liquidated, all funds of each investor and manager bond return to their personal accounts.

PAMM account can be liquidated in case if there are no open positions. In other case, request for liquidation will be canceled.

PAMM account can be liquidated by Manager or by Company according to Regulations .

6. What does manager bond mean?

Manager bond is manager’s amount used to secure account and can be used in trading. Manager bond can be set during opening of PAMM account, but cannot be lowered. Manager bond is available for withdrawal only after liquidation of PAMM account.

7. PAMM account monitoring. Information.

Public PAMM accounts are available for monitoring. If you want to check statistics of some certain PAMM account, you have to authorize, choose “PAMM Rating” and PAMM account you are interested in.


Maximum Profit - maximum profit of the account.

Max Intraday Profit - maximum daily profit.

Max Intraday Loss - maximum daily loss.

Daily Return Volatility - average meaning of daily profits and losses.

Recovery Factor - ratio of profit to maximum slump.

Mean Geometric - determines level of aggression (on the basis of intraday trading).

Sharpe Coeff - indicator that defines stability of account to risk of loss. Higher meaning means account is stable to risks.

Avg Daily Profit - average meaning of all daily profits.

Avg Daily Loss - average meaning of all daily losses.

8. How can I invest funds?

If you want to invest funds in PAMM account you have to authorize, choose “PAMM Ratings” and PAMM account you are interested in. Choose “Invest” on page of statistics of the account and specify required amount.

Pay attention! Funds will be invested during the next rollover.

9. How can I withdraw my investments?

If you want to withdraw your investments you have to:

  • Authorize.
  • Choose “My Investments”.
  • Choose the account from which you want to withdraw and follow “Withdraw”.

If you want to withdraw all funds, you need to choose “Close”.

Pay attention! Already request withdrawal of funds from investment account cannot be canceled. Request will be processed according to schedule.

10. How to set notification about statistics?

Notification about statistics (Monitoring) allows you to monitor profit and loss on the PAMM account.

To set notification you have to:

  • Authorize.
  • Choose ”My Investments” and account you are interested in.
  • Choose “Monitoring”.

Then you can specify minimum profit and equity of the account. If trading on this account reaches the levels you specified, you’ll receive E-mail with notification.