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Calendar of holidays


1 Australia AUD New year
1 China CNY New year
1 Canada CAD New year
1 Japan JPY New year
1 New Zealand NZD New year
1 Switzerland CHF New year
1 USA USD New year
1 Great Britain GBP New year
1 EurOzone EUR New year
2 Switzerland CHF Berchtold's Day
6 EurOzone EUR Day of the Epiphany
13 Japan JPY Coming of Age Day
20 USA USD Martin Luther King Day
27 Australia AUD Australia Day
31 China CNY Lunar New Year


3 China CNY Lunar New Year
6 New Zealand NZD Waitangi Day
11 Japan JPY National Foundation Day
17 Canada CAD Family day
17 USA USD Washington's Birthday


21 Japan JPY Vernal equinox


17 EurOzone EUR Maundy Thursday
18 EurOzone EUR Good Friday
21 Australia AUD Easter
21 EurOzone EUR Easter Monday
29 Japan JPY Day off


1 China CNY Labor Day
1 EurOzone EUR Labor Day
5 Great Britain GBP Labor Day
5 Japan JPY Children's Day
6 Japan JPY Greenery Day
19 Canada CAD Victoria Day
26 Great Britain GBP In late May Bank Holiday
26 USA USD Memorial Day
29 EurOzone EUR Ascension Day


2 New Zealand NZD Queen's Birthday
9 Australia AUD Queen's Birthday
9 EurOzone EUR Whit Monday


1 Canada CAD Canada Day
3 USA USD Independence Day
4 Canada CAD Day off
15 EurOzone EUR Feast of the Assumption
25 Great Britain GBP Feast of the Assumption


1 USA USD labor Day
1 Canada CAD labor Day
8 China CNY The autumnal equinox
15 Japan JPY Day of respect for the elderly
23 Japan JPY Autumn Equinox


1 China CNY National Day
6 China CNY National Day
13 Canada CAD Thanksgiving Day
13 Japan JPY Sports Day
27 New Zealand NZD labor Day


26 USA USD Thanksgiving Day
27 USA USD Thanksgiving Day


24 USA USD Christmas Eve
24 Switzerland CHF Christmas Eve
24 EurOzone EUR Christmas Eve
25 Australia AUD Christmas
25 New Zealand NZD Christmas
25 USA USD Christmas
25 Great Britain GBP Christmas
26 Australia AUD Boxing Day
26 Great Britain GBP Boxing Day
26 Canada CAD Boxing Day
26 New Zealand NZD Boxing Day
26 EurOzone EUR Boxing Day
30 Japan JPY Short-time day
31 EurOzone EUR Christmas
31 Switzerland CHF Christmas
31 Japan JPY Christmas
31 Great Britain GBP Christmas
31 Japan JPY Christmas