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Investor FAQ

Trading Conditions

1. Where can I change my leverage?

WIT Ltd. Company provides only 1:100 leverage. The exception is WIT-Gold and WIT-VIP types of accounts.

2. How to calculate margin?

Margin can be calculated by the following formula:

Contract/ Leverage * Price , where

Contract is a size of contract in base currency


Price - Opening price


There is a buy order on EURUSD with opening price 1.10294 and 1 lot volume. According to formula: 100,000/100*1.10294 = 1102.94

Note: 1 lot is 100,000 in base currency.

3. How to calculate cost of pip?

Cost of one pip can be calculated by the following formula:

Pip cost = (Contract*tick size)/ rate of quoted currency against USD

Contract is a size of contract in base currency

Tick size is a minimum change of quotation, for example, EURUSD has minimum tick size 0.00001


EURUSD = 100,000

100,000*0.00001 / 1 = 1$

Note: Pay attention that calculation uses rate of quoted currency against USD. Hence, rate of quoted currency for such pairs as EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, where quoted currency is USD, equals to 1. To calculate cost of pip of other pairs that do not include USD, you should take into account rate of quoted currency exactly against USD.

4. How can I leave a position overnight?

Leaving a position overnight means charge or crediting of some amount (Swap). Swap depends on interest rates of countries the currencies of which are traded. You can check full information about swaps for each trading instrument following Instrument specifications .

Pay attention!

On Wednesday (midnight from Wednesday to Thursday) triple swap is charged as it accounts three days at once: Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

For CFD triple swap is calculated from Friday to Monday.

5. Why did the broker close my loss-making positions?

Forex trading may be both profitable and unprofitable. According to the agreement, WIT Ltd. Company has a right to close loss-making positions of the Client if Margin Level on trading account falls below 10%. The most loss-making positions will be closed first of all.

The company has a right to close positions on CFD on the day of expiration.

6. What is Gap?

Gap is a large jump between two bars on the price chart of a financial instrument. It may or may not be visible looking at the minute timeframe.