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Terms and Conditions


  1. The Client on his behalf with account of all risks can make the Internet-based network operations on the international currency market, which is neither a service of the Company nor regulated by this Agreement.

  2. The Company has the right to add to the System new currencies, currency pairs and other financial instruments, at that time publishing the relevant information on the website of the Company.

  3. The Company publishes all established conditions on the website of the Company.

  4. Execution of the Client’s requests for orders is carried out on the basis of orders that are given by the Client via the System. The Client orders the services personally or with the help of person, which is notarised by Power of Attorney to conduct operations on the Client’s accounts.

  5. For the execution of orders the Client must:

- Authorise in the system, using personal information;

- The Client acknowledges and accepts that in case of execution of any operations using the System, the Client’s actions are registered and recorded by the System, which serves as a confirmation of the Client's Operations.

  1. «Instant Execution» or «Market Execution» is used to perform a request for opening a position. The Company has the right to change a type of order execution without consent of the Client.

  2. The Client is fully responsible for any losses, if he uses the system functions "Trailing Stop" and "Expert Adviser".

  3. The company has the right to change consulting conditions, at that time the Company is obliged to inform the Client about any change, publishing information on the website of the Company or sending an e-mail. Changes in conditions cannot be applied to the orders that are executed before the changes come into effect.

  4. The Company has the right to decline the Client's requests for the provision of service, the amount of which is equal to the minimum Lot, according to the Contract, if the Client's remaining balance on the trading account in the system is less than one hundred (100) percent of the Margin.

  5. In case of a technical failure, which has affected the currency quotes and other failures, the Company has the right not to execute an order or revise opening (closing) price of this order, or remove ( cancel) it.

  6. Profitable and loss-making orders of the Client are subjected to cancellation or removal in case of spike, about which the Company informs the Client via e-mail used in registration.

  7. If the price reaches a level of execution, the Client has no right to change or cancel an order.

  8. The price level, which is displayed by the System, is the only true indicator of prices. It is forbidden to refer to any other sources of prices, except the prices specified in the System.

  9. The Company is obliged to inform the Client of any changes in trading session hours or trading conditions by means of publication news on the website, and the Client in his turn must follow the changes on the website.

  10. Orders "Sell Limit", "Buy Limit" are executed at the prices, which were bid by the Client, and pending orders "Buy Stop", "Sell Stop", "Stop Loss", and "Take Profit" are executed at the market prices.

  11. The Company has the right to execute an order at current market price, if the order was set within a gap.

  12. Pending orders «Stop Loss», «Take Profit», «Buy Limit», «Sell Limit», «Buy Stop», and «Sell Stop» can be set not closer a spread size from the current price.

  13. The Client’s open positions are forcibly closed, when Margin level reaches 10%. If the Client has more than two open positions, the Company has the right to close the most loss-making positions, when Margin level reaches 100%, in order to prevent from a negative balance on the Client's trading account.

  14. The company reserves the right to change requirements, spreads, types of order execution and other conditions in connection with volatility on the financial markets.

  15. The maximum number of simultaneously open orders is unlimited.