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Japan’s current account grows in August by 23.1%


For Japan, August became the month when the most significant foreign account positive balance was fixed since 2007. The growth happened on a background of improvement of foreign trade balance under the import price decrease. Such information was proclaimed on Tuesday by the Ministry of finances.


The foreign trade account balance index (the wide characteristic of trade relations of the state with other world states) amounted to 2,001 trillion yens considering the seasonal factors adjustments. That exceeds the value of this index for analogical period of 2015 by 23% practically. Experts expected the balance index not to exceed 1,558 trillion yens. The growth of the positive balance index keeps saved for the 26th month in raw.


The foreign trade balance reached the positive index in 243.2 billion in the reporting month on a background of the import price decreased within 18.3% YoY. The growth of the national currency exchange rate caused this.


The balance index of primary incomes decreased by 2.8% remain positive in relation to the analogical period of 2015 and amounted to 1,985 trillion on a background of the incomes from foreign investments reducing.


The current foreign trade account measures the realization of goods and services, tourism and investments. Its recounts flows from the balance between the incomes gained from the foreign sources and the payments on foreign bonds. It doesn’t consider the private investments.