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US retail sales rise in June by 0.6%

The US retail sales steadily rose in June, signalling about stable consumer spending since spring. It is a factor that can support economic growth.


Judging by a report, realisation in retail sales rose by 0.6% on a month-over-month basis to seasonally adjusted $456.98 billion. Revised retail sales for May rose by 0.3% versus 0.5% previously released.


Household spending also rose. Retail sales, excluding cars, rose by 0.7% on a month-over-month basis, at that time realisation, excluding cars and fuel, rose by the same meaning. Annual retail sales rose by 2.7% after growth by 2.2% in May.


Realisation rose in June in many categories. The highest growth at 3.9% was in construction shops after fall by 2.5% in May. It is the record dynamics since April 2010.


Realisation of cars and spares rose in June by 0.1% after fall by 0.5% in May. Producers stated that a number of sold cars and lorries had fallen versus May.


Sales in bars and restaurants fell by 0.3% on a month-over-month basis. Clothing shops stated about a reduction by 1.0%.


The US people prefer to make online purchases. Sales in online shops rose during the first half of the year by 10.6% from a year earlier.  Sales in general shops fell by 3.8% versus the previous year.


Family spending rose in June after some reduction at the beginning of the year. Retail sales rose by 1.4% on a quarter-over-quarter basis.


Sales rose in the first half of the year by 3.15 versus the same period in 2015. The growth of sales exceeds inflation, despite non-adjusted to inflation data.