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UK Finance Minister has safe pans

George Osborne, the UK Finance Minister, stated on Monday in order to calm down both consumers and companies. He said that the economy was stable, despite results of the referendum. These results caused a way of concerns over further economic outlooks of the UK and initiated a political instability.


Talking with journalists on Monday morning before opening of the European session, Mr Osborne stated that the UK's economy was stable and its banking system demonstrated no signs of deformation.


However, he mentioned a possible economic correction on the background of uncertain outlooks of trading relationships with the EU which would have a negative impact on consumer spending and investments. This situation would cause a loss of a government budget. Mr Osborne promised to make new plans on taxations and government spending. 


George Osborne also answered he would remain as Finance Minister and help an economic stabilisation. The Conservative Party which is leading now must recommend the new leader by October. Mr Osborne said this time should be spent for creation of new relationships with the EU.