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Evaluation of the Eurozone GDP Is Revised towards Increase

In the second quarter of the current year the Eurozone economy showed positive dynamic of growth. GDP showed increase on 0.4% that is higher than forecast of analysts (0/3%). These data are also higher than the one for the first quarter.


Revised annual evaluation of GDP at the moment is 1.5% that is on 0.3% higher than the previous publication. Analysts did not expect revision of these indexes.


Consumption expenditures showed steady growth on 0.4% in comparison with the previous result. Coefficient of public expenditures also showed a positive dynamic on 0.3%.  In the first quarter growth of these coefficients became 0.5% and 0.6%.


But on the background of such positive data it can be observed decline of business investments. After growth on 1.4% in the first quarter, data for the second quarter showed decline on 0.5%.


On session on previous week ECB lowered forecast on perspectives of GDP growth. Also some corrections to existing QE program were made. Changes touched shares of stocks, which ECB can purchase for own balance. Limit was widened to 33%. Traders regarded this as a vector of movement in program widening.


The Eurozone GDP growth is expected to be near 1.4% in 2015 that is on 0.1% lower than previous forecast. In 2016 this index will be become 1.7% (previously 1.9%), in 2017 – 1.8% (previously 2%). There are following reasons for decline of the Eurozone economy perspectives: weakening of domestic demand and increase of risks, especially in China.