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Eurozone: manufacturing PMI rises in March

Price trend of the European producers continued its fall in March, and the fall of this index was the sharpest during the last 6 years, according to results of survey released on Friday. This means intentions of the ECB to stimulate economy do not bring results.


Manufacturing PMI in the Eurozone rose in March because of higher indices in Ireland, Italy, and Spain. Strong manufacturing of these countries levelled weak manufacturing in Germany and France. Markit manufacturing PMI rose by 0.4 bp to 51.6.


From the other side, producer prices fell with the fastest paces since 2009. It was the way producers reacted to decrease of demand. France and Germany were among the leading countries of this fall. Prices for initial materials also fell.


Level of consumer prices fell in March against the previous year, though paces were quite restrained. Annual inflation reached minus 0.1% in the previous month, up by 0.1% from February.