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You have unique chance to change qualitatively your income!!!


WIT Ltd. Company developed unique in its way program of studying - CDAM. This program focuses on training of professional managers. The Company announces opening of unprecedented campaign!


-Open account at the website of the Company.

-In Persona account upload documents to prove your ID.

-Make a deposit on amount from 500USD to 5000USD.

-After information is checked within 24 hours investments will be credited.

-Investments are available for 90-180 days.

-Deposit cannot be withdrawn until the dates of investments are not over. If the Client withdraws funds within period of program, investments will be charged with account to current trading result.

-Profit is amount, earned over deposit or investments.

-Withdrawal of profit is available only when all positions are closed.

-Profit is divided proportionally between the investor – 40%, and the Client – 60%.

Dates: 01.09.2015 - 31.08.2016

Additional Information:

Risks from trading on Forex lie, primarily, on the trader’s funds.

The Client can continue trading using investment funds during the whole term of campaign, when he is out of own funds on account.

The Client is not responsible for the funds, given in asset management, and not obliged for any compensation in case of their loss.