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Analytics 22.03



The pair was moving horizontally yesterday in a limited flat range. AO indicator is at zero level with line of balance and line of support/resistance. Perhaps, this tendency will continue. The nearest potential support is a monthly pivot R1 1.12328. If we fix below, we can aim at MA200 at 1.11652. We have an opportunity to reach area 1.13026-1.13206 above level 1.12688.


Daily levels of support: 1.12328, 1.11990, 1.11652

Daily levels of resistance: 1.12688, 1.13026, 1.13206




The pair moved down on Monday and met a support at area of main weekly pivot 1.43434. AO indicator is in negative zone near zero level with line of balance and line of support/resistance. Perhaps, there will be a movement in flat. If the price fixes below the support, our reference will be MA200 at level 1.42978. Lower target area is an area of elder movings 1.42720-1.42305.

If the price fixes above main daily pivot 1.43990, we will have a way to monthly pivot R1 1.44513. Farther reference is an area 1.45002-1.45341.     


Daily levels of support: 1.43434, 1.42978, 1.42305

Daily levels of resistance: 1.43990, 1.44513, 1.45002




A growth of the pair on Monday met a resistance at main weekly pivot 112.114, and then the pair moved down. AO indicator is in positive zone above line of balance and line of support/resistance. If the pair moves down, the nearest target level will be level 111.514. Below we have a way to point 110.886. Farther reference is a level 110.555. If we pass an area 111.845 (main daily pivot)-112.114 (main weekly pivot), we may aim at level 112.473. Upper reference is MA200 at level 112.804. Farther target is an area of elder movings at 112.93-113.06.


Daily levels of support: 111.514, 110.886, 110.555

Daily levels of resistance: 111.845, 112.114, 112.473