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Analytics 15.04



The pair was moving yesterday within range 1.12340-1.12954. Line of rotation is a weekly pivot S2 1.12648. AO indicator is near zero level from negative zone between line of balance and line of support/resistance. Perhaps flat tendency will continue. If we break this range, we can aim at weekly pivot S1 1.13304. Above we have an area of thickening of movings 1.13304-1.13568. Breakout below this range may aim us at main monthly pivot 1.12040. Lower reference is a level 1.11726.   


Daily levels of support: 1.12340, 1.12040, 1.11726

Daily levels of resistance: 1.12648, 1.12954, 1.13304




The pair was moving on Thursday within range 1.40902-1.41898. AO indicator is near zero level between line of balance and line of support/resistance. Flat tendency may continue. The nearest resistance is MA200 at level 1.41690. Fixation above and escape from this range may aim us at area of elder and defining movings 1.42080-1.42220. Upper reference is an area 1.42396-1.42612 (main monthly pivot). Farther reference is a weekly pivot R1 1.42940.

If we fix below area 1.41496 (main weekly pivot)-1.41400, we can aim at lower line of this trading range. Below we have a way to area 1.40404-1.40079 (monthly pivot S1).   


Daily levels of support: 1.41496, 1.40902, 1.40404

Daily levels of resistance: 1.41898, 1.42396, 1.42612




Dynamics of the pair remain moderate. AO indicator is in positive zone above line of balance, but below line of support/resistance. Perhaps flat will be relevant today. If we fix above area 109.618-109.905, we can aim at area of elder movings 110.15-110.605 (monthly pivot S1).

The nearest area of support is a range 109.258 (main daily pivot)-109.143 (main weekly pivot). Here we have MA200. Below we can aim at defining movings at 108.88. Below we have monthly pivot S2 108.693. Farther reference is an area 108.611-108.324. 


Daily levels of support: 109.143, 108.971, 108.693, 108.324

Daily levels of resistance: 109.618, 109.905, 110.265, 110.605