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Analytics 14.03



The nearest area of resistance is a range 1.12101-1.12328 (monthly pivot R1). This area restrained growth of the pair on Thursday. The nearest support is a main daily pivot 1.11451. AO indicator is at zero level between line of balance and line of support/resistance. It means a possible flat. If the price fixes below the support, we can aim at area 1.10807-1.10618 (main weekly pivot). Defining movings are lying at lower line of this area. Farther reference is a main monthly pivot 1.10285.

If the price overcomes the area of resistance, the next target will be an area 1.12745-1.13017 (weekly pivot R1).  


Daily levels of support: 1.11451, 1.10807, 1.10618, 1.10285

Daily levels of resistance: 1.12101, 1.12328, 1.12745, 1.13017





An upward movement of the pair met on Friday a resistance at area of monthly pivot R1 1.44513. AO indicator is in positive zone above line of balance, and at line of support/resistance. The nearest maximums were renewed. Indicator hints at possible recoil. If the price fixes below main daily pivot 1.43568, the next target will be main weekly pivot 1.43114. Below we can aim at level 1.42773. Here we have defining movings at level 1.42530.

If the price fixes above level 1.43970, we can aim at monthly pivot R1 1.44513. Upper target level is a weekly pivot R1 1.45050.


Daily levels of support: 1.43568, 1.43114, 1.42773

Daily levels of resistance: 1.43970, 1.44513, 1.45050




The pair is trying to continue its movement towards level 114.236. AO indicator is in positive zone at line of support/resistance, and above line of balance. The next target is an area 114.658-114.766 (weekly pivot R1). The next target level is a main monthly pivot 114.943. Farther reference is a weekly pivot R2 115.717.

If the pair moves down, the nearest target will be main weekly pivot 113.495. Here we have MA200. Below we can aim at area of thickening of movings at 113.250-113.13 and level 113.073. Lower reference is an area 112.544 (weekly pivot S1)-112.332. Farther reference is a level 111.910.     


Daily levels of support: 113.495, 113.073, 112.544

Daily levels of resistance: 114.236, 114.766, 114.943