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Analytics 11.05



The pair continues to move in a narrow flat range, which may be indicated within 1.13511-1.14024. Here we have a main monthly pivot 1.13761, which is also a line of rotation. The defining movings are lying at upper line of this range. AO indicator is in positive zone near zero level with line of balance. Line of support/resistance is lying below. If we move upside from this range, our reference will be MA200 at level 1.14400. Then we may have a way to main weekly pivot 1.14685. Farther reference is a level 1.15070.

If we fix below range of consolidation, the reference will be a weekly pivot S1 1.13210 and monthly pivot S1 1.12873.  


Daily levels of support: 1.13761, 1.13511, 1.13210, 1.12873

Daily levels of resistance: 1.14024, 1.14317, 1.14685





The pair fixed above main daily pivot 1.44389, which forms with main monthly pivot 1.44230 and with defining movings a zone of support. AO indicator is near zero level above line of balance and line of support/resistance. If we move upside, the nearest reference will be a level 1.44888. Above we have an area of elder movings and MA200 1.44980-1.45250 that may hinder our further growth. If we fix above main weekly pivot 1.45370, we may have a way to level 1.45775.

If we fix below zone of support, the next reference will be a level 1.44001. Then we may aim at level 1.43502.  


Daily levels of support: 1.44389, 1.44230, 1.44001, 1.43502

Daily levels of resistance: 1.44888, 1.45370, 1.45775




The pair met a support at area of elder movings 108.547-1058.676 (weekly pivot R2). Lower additional support is a main monthly pivot 108.423. AO indicator is in negative zone near zero level with line of balance, but below line of support/resistance. If we continue our downside movement and we fix below main monthly pivot, we may aim at weekly pivot R1 107.895. Here we have the defining movings. The next reference is MA200 at level 107.33.

Above main daily pivot 108.960 we may have a way to area 109.625-109.850 (weekly pivot R3).   


Daily levels of support: 108.676, 108.423, 107.895, 107.469

Daily levels of resistance: 108.960, 109.625, 109.850