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Analytics 10.03



The price returned at the moment to main weekly pivot, after the pair moved up from main daily pivot 1.09574 and met a resistance at area of monthly pivot 1.10285. AO indicator is in negative zone near zero level with line of balance and line of support/resistance. If the pair moves down, the nearest area of support will be range 1.09574-1.09427. Below we have MA200. Fixation below can aim us at level 1.08998 and weekly pivot S1 1.08715. Then we have a target level 1.08537. Farther reference is an area 1.08400-1.08205.

If we fix above main daily pivot 1.09888 and pass level of defining movings 1.09960, we can return to main monthly pivot 1.10285. Above we have a way to level 1.10778 and weekly pivot R1 1.10892.


Daily levels of support: 1.09574, 1.09427, 1.08998, 1.08715

Daily levels of resistance: 1.09888, 1.10285, 1.10778, 1.10892




The pair continues to move in a narrow range within 1.41750-1.42390. Main daily pivot 1.42081 is a line of rotation. AO indicator is near zero level with line of balance and line of support/resistance. If the price fixes above this range, the nearest target level will be a point 1.42721. Above we can aim at level 1.43030. Farther reference is a weekly pivot R1 1.43695.

Fixation below this range may aim us at main monthly pivot 1.41436. Lower reference is a main weekly pivot 1.41026. Below we have an area of elder movings 1.40960-1.40650 and МА200.  


Daily levels of support: 1.41750, 1.41436, 1.41026

Daily levels of resistance: 1.42390, 1.42721, 1.43030




The pair moved up on Wednesday, having pushed from S1 112.411. At the moment, the price met a resistance at level 113.713. AO indicator is in positive zone above line of balance and line of support/resistance. Maximum of March 1 was not renewed. If we move up and fix above resistance, we can aim at level 114.197. Upper reference is a weekly pivot R1 114.807.

If the price fixes below main weekly pivot 113.482, which is a support, we can aim at main daily pivot 112.969. Here we can pass balanced area of thickening of movings 113.37-113.06. We can return to weekly pivot S1 112.411 below main daily pivot.


Daily levels of support: 113.482, 112.969, 112.411

Daily levels of resistance: 113.713, 114.197, 114.807