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Analytics 05.02



An upward movement of the pair met a resistance at area of monthly pivot R3 1.12509. AO indicator is in positive zone below line of support/resistance, but above line of balance. If the pair moves up fixation above the resistance will open a way to level 1.13384.

Monthly pivot R2 1.11177 is a target level below main daily pivot 1.11691. Below we have a way to weekly pivot R2 1.10404. Here we have the defining movings.    


Daily levels of support: 1.11691, 1.11177, 1.10404

Daily levels of resistance: 1.12509, 1.12688, 1.13384




This Thursday the pair was moving within a range 1.46756 (monthly pivot R1)-1.45309 (weekly pivot R2). AO indicator is in negative zone below line of balance and line of support/resistance. If the pair moves down fixation below this trading range can aim us at defining movings at 1.44910 and level 1.44533. Farther reference is a main monthly pivot 1.43783. Here we have MA200.

If we fix above main daily pivot 1.45920 we can aim at upper line of trading range. Above we have a way to level 1.47307.  

Daily levels of support: 1.45309, 1.44533, 1.43783

Daily levels of resistance: 1.45920, 1.46756, 1.47307




A downward movement of the pair met a support at level 116.50. AO indicator is in positive zone above line of balance, but below line of support/resistance. It signals about movement in flat. If the pair moves down we can aim at weekly pivot S2 116.122. Below we have a way to level 115.508.

If we move up the nearest target will be a main daily pivot 117.196. Then we can move towards monthly pivot S1 117.499. Upper target level is a point 117.868. Above we have a way to reach weekly pivot S1 118.621, which is lying in area of elder movings 118.46-118.64.


Daily levels of support: 116.50, 116.122, 115.508

Daily levels of resistance: 117.499, 117.868, 118.621