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Analytics 02.05



Growth of the pair on Friday met a resistance at level 1.14862. AO indicator is deeply in positive zone above line of balance and line of support/resistance. If the pair continues to grow and fixes above the resistance, we may aim at monthly pivot R1 1.15368. Then we may have a way to level 1.15985.

Our reference for recoil may be main weekly pivot 1.14211. Below we may aim at main monthly pivot 1.13761.


Daily levels of support: 1.14425, 1.14211, 1.13761

Daily levels of resistance: 1.14862, 1.15368, 1.15895





The pair continues to move in horizontal trend where upper limit is level 1.46502. AO indicator is near zero level between line of balance and line of support/resistance, signaling about possible continuation of tendency. Above this level, we have a way to point 1.47082 (weekly pivot R1) and level 1.47437.

If we pass the defining movings, our reference will be weekly pivot 1.45554. Then we can aim at level 1.45199. Farther reference is a level 1.44632. Here we have MA200.


Daily levels of support: 1.45554, 1.45199, 1.44632

Daily levels of resistance: 1.46502, 1.47082, 1.47437





Downward movement of the pair met a support at level 106.49. AO indicator is in negative zone below line of balance, but above line of support/resistance. If we fix above main daily pivot 106.950, we may aim at level 107.623. Farther reference is an area 108.207 (main weekly pivot)- 108.423 (main monthly pivot).

If we fix below the support, the nearest reference will be level 105.788. Then we may have a way to level 105.115.


Daily levels of support: 106.490, 105.788, 105.115

Daily levels of resistance: 106.950, 107.623, 108.207