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Analitics 07.09




At the moment movement of the pair can be connected to a range 1.10930-1.11878. Today on the background of reduced trading volumes (it is Labor Day in the U.S and Canada) all movement may be viewed in this range with a priority to decline. AO index and defining movings are also pointing on this. Although AO index came to a positive zone it remains in a range of level of balance and zero level. Above this range is a current level of resistance 1.11878-1.12379 with the major movings. Decline is possible to a weekly pivot S1 1.10432.


Daily levels of support: 1.10930, 1.10432, 1.09951

Daily levels of resistance:  1.11400, 1.11878, 1.12597




The pair is slowly declining without major corrections. Defining movings set a downward mood, AO index is in a negative zone below level of balance. It is signalizing that downward way is not over yet. The nearest target is a daily pivot S1 1.51284, then – daily pivot S2 1.50915. Possible correction may be limited by a weekly pivot 1.52551, if an area of resistance from weekly pivot S1 1.51843 and daily pivot 1.52001 would be passed.


Daily levels of support: 1.51248, 1.50915, 1.50743

Daily levels of resistance:  1.51843, 1.52001, 1.52551





Downward mood of the pair is remaining. At the moment it is a resistance, formed by zone of 119.646 (weekly pivot) - 119.893 (daily pivot R1 and zone defining movings). AO index is between zero level and level of balance in negative side. So, the priority remains to a decline. The nearest targeting level may be a daily pivot S1 118.284. Upward direction, if level of resistance is passed, may be stopped by МА200 near 120.188-120.195.


Daily levels of support: 119.234, 118.284. 117.872

Daily levels of resistance: 119.646, 119.893, 120.717