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Analitics 29.10



Yesterday the pair got a downward impulse at the Fed’s meeting. AO indicator is deeply in a negative zone below line of support/resistance and line of balance. However, previous minimum was not overcome. Seems like, the pair will continue to move down. Nearer support is at area of a monthly pivot S2 1.08665.  Lowering may aim us at a level 1.08275. If the price fixes above a daily pivot 1.09729, nearer area of resistance will be an area of defining movings 1.10189 (monthly pivot S1) - 1.10492.


Daily levels of support: 1.08665, 1.08502, 1.07739

Daily levels of resistance:  1.09729, 1.10189, 1.10492




The pair met a resistance at area 1.53460, where we could see defining movings, and got a downward impulse on news.  AO indicator showed restrained dynamics. Minimum from October 23 was not exceeded, even when the AO indicator is in negative zone. Nearer support is a weekly pivot S1 1.52386. Fixation below may lead the pair to a range 1.51896-1.52298. Zone of resistance is 1.52886 (daily pivot) - 1.52963 (monthly pivot). Fixation higher may lead the pair to area of defining movings near 1.53110 with outlook to reach a weekly pivot 1.53736.

Daily levels of support: 1.52386, 1.51896, 1.51712

Daily levels of resistance: 1.52963, 1.53288, 1.53736




Local trade range on yen is 120.291-121.313.  AO indicator is in positive zone above level of balance and line of support/resistance. If the pair continues to move up and fixes above a range 121.313-121.530, the price may aim us at area 122.013-122.201. Support is a range of weekly and daily pivots 120.671-120.774, where we can see defining movings. If the pair fixes below, we may meet a support at a lower line of our local trade range and MA200. Lower target area is an area of elder movings near a monthly pivot 119.943.


Daily levels of support: 121.313, 121.530, 122.013, 122.201

Daily levels of resistance: 120.774, 120.671, 120.291, 119.943