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Analitics 28.10



The pair continues to move within a narrow range 1.10189-1.10643. AO indicator, line of support/resistance, and line of balance are at a zero level. Today we have some significant news, especially the Fed’s meeting, so it may be a high volatility. In case of downward movement good reference point is a monthly pivot S2 1.08665. If we fix above a weekly pivot 1.11318, we may aim at a monthly pivot 1.12395. Here we can see MA 200.


Daily levels of support: 1.10189, 1.09990, 1.09679, 1.08665

Daily levels of resistance:  1.10643, 1.10954, 1.11318, 1.12395




On Tuesday the pair declined. It reached a local zone of support 1.52759-1.52963 (monthly pivot). AO indicator, line of support/resistance, and level of balance are moving at a zero level. If we fix today below an area of support, nearer target will be a weekly pivot S1 1.52386. Farther target is an area 1.51712-1.51350. Upper target area is a range 1.53520-1.53736 (weekly pivot), where we can see defining movings. Then we can see an area of elder movings 1.53736-1.54160. Fixation above this area may lead us to 1.54410 (weekly pivot R1) - 1.54854 (monthly pivot R1).


Daily levels of support: 1.52963, 1.52759, 1.52386, 1.51998, 1.52712

Daily levels of resistance: 1.53173, 1.53520, 1.53736, 1.53934, 1.54410




The pair declined on Tuesday, as expected. Range 119.943 (monthly pivot) - 120.096 became a local area of support. We can see a thickening of movings near this area. AO indicator is in positive zone near line of support/resistance and line of balance. If the pair continues to move down, fixation below an area of support may aim the pair at a level 119.267. Farther target is a range 118.333-118.560.  Fixation above an area 120.542 (daily pivot) - 120.671 (weekly pivot) may aim us at a monthly pivot R1 121.313. Farther target is a range 122.201-122.696.


Daily levels of support: 119.943, 119.267, 118.560, 118.333

Daily levels of resistance: 120.542, 120.671, 120.925, 121.313, 122.201