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Analitics 27.10



This Monday the pair showed restrained upward dynamics. AO indicator is in positive zone above line of support/resistance and on the same level with line of balance. Today’s local zone of support is a range 1.10442-1.10198. At the top the pair may aim at area of defining movings, which came to a weekly pivot 1.11342. Lowering below the local zone of support may be limited by an area 1.09563-1.09804.    


Daily levels of support: 1.10442, 1.10198, 1.09804, 1.09563

Daily levels of resistance:  1.10839, 1.11080, 1.11342, 1.11477




At the given moment we can see a zone of consolidation between monthly and weekly pivots 1.52963-1.53736. AO indicator continues to move near a zero level with the line of support/resistance and the line of balance, giving a signal about a further range movement. Movement above the specified zone of consolidation may aim the pair at area 1.53867-1.54207 with outlook to reach a weekly pivot R1 1.54410. Downward movement may lead the pair to a weekly pivot S1 1.52386.


Daily levels of support: 1.53140, 1.52936, 1.52753, 1.52386

Daily levels of resistance: 1.53736, 1.53867, 1.54207, 1.54410.





The pair could not fix above a monthly pivot R1 121.313 and moved down. AO indicator is in negative zone below the balance and the line of support/resistance. If the pair continues to move down, nearer good target will be an area of thickening of movings at area of a monthly pivot 119.943. Break above the specified resistance is doubtful.


Daily levels of support: 120.596, 120.226, 119.943

Daily levels of resistance: 120.671, 120.965, 121.313