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Analitics 25.09



This Thursday we could observe good continuation of correction, after which it was a downside movement. At the given moment AO index is in negative zone below level of balance and line of support/resistance. Seems like, downside movement will continue, and nearer target will be level 1.11256, below which we can move to a weekly pivot S2 1.10753.  If we pass zone of resistance 1.11827-1.12107, a target will be area of thickening of movings 1.12404-1.12597.


Daily levels of support: 1.11256, 1.10753, 1.09898

Daily levels of resistance: 1.11827, 1.12107, 1.12597




The pair continues flatting movement within 1.52755-1.51843. AO index is in negative zone below level of balance and above line of support/resistance. We can see some divergence, so suggestion that the pair will rise is actual.  In this case good target will be zone of thickening of movings 1.53263-1.53477. Downside movement may be limited by range 1.5147-1.51843. 


Daily levels of support: 1.51843, 1.51742, 1.51497

Daily levels of resistance: 1.52380, 1.52755, 1.53263





The pair continues wide flat within 119.013-120.712. AO index came out of negative zone, now it’s above level of balance and line of support/resistance. Possible growth of the pair may be limited by area 120.712-120.948. Downside movement will lead us to area of support near a daily pivot 120.00, below which we may move to level 119.544.


Daily levels of support: 120.000, 119.544, 119.013

Daily levels of resistance: 120.712, 120.874, 120.948