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Analitics 24.11



On Monday the pair could not pass an area of support 1.06001-1.05876 (weekly pivot S1). AO indicator is near a zero level between line of balance and line of support/resistance. Indicator gives a signal about possible upward movement. The nearest area of resistance is lying at range 1.06647-1.06752 (weekly pivot), where we can see defining movings. Movement above may meet a resistance at МА200 and level 1.06930.  Farther target is a weekly pivot R1 1.07332 at area of elder movings 1.07210-1.07480. Fixation below area of support may aim us at level 1.05638. Farther target is a monthly pivot S2 1.05332.    


Daily levels of support: 1.06284, 1.06001, 1.05876, 1.05638

Daily levels of resistance: 1.06647, 1.06752, 1.06930, 1.07332




This Monday the pair met a support at weekly pivot S1 1.51133 and rebounded. AO indicator is in negative zone above line of support/resistance and below line of balance, showing as an upside tendency. If correction continues, the nearest area of resistance will be a range 1.51738-1.51855 (monthly pivot S1), where we can see МА300. The pair may aim above at weekly pivot 1.52244, where we can see other movings. Fixation below area 1.51133-1.50925 may aim the pair at area 1.50601-1.50431 (weekly pivot S2).  


Daily levels of support: 1.51133, 1.50925, 1.50601

Daily levels of resistance: 1.51738, 1.51855, 1.52244




Downward movement of the pair met a support at area 122.67-122.61. AO indicator is in negative zone below level of balance and line of support/resistance. If downward movement continues, the nearest target level will be a point 122.518.  Below we may aim at range 122.38-122.254. Good area of support may be a range 122.254 (weekly pivot S1)-122.022 (monthly pivot R1). Upward movement may meet resistance at area 122.945 (weekly pivot)-122.996. We may aim above at level 123.21 and area 123.29-123.415. Farther target is a monthly pivot R2 123.466.


Daily levels of support: 122.518, 122.254, 122.135

Daily levels of resistance: 122.732, 122.945, 123.210