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Analitics 22.09



On Monday downside movement of the pair continued. At the given moment the price has a support in area of weekly pivot S1 1.11827. AO index is in negative zone below level of balance and line of support/resistance. After some correction the pair may go down. Nearer target can be level 1.11350, below is area 1.10835-1.10753. At upside movement the pair can meet resistance in area 1.12324-1.12597, higher we can go to 1.13214.


Daily levels of support: 1.11350, 1.10835, 1.10753

Daily levels of resistance: 1.12324, 1.12597, 1.12839





After some decline the pair made correction to zone of defining movings in the second quarter of Monday. At the given moment the pair is below zone 1.55016 (monthly pivot) – 1.55200 (daily pivot). AO index is in negative zone below level of balance and line of support/resistance, having made yesterday’s correction. Downside movement of the pair may continue, and nearer target is area МА200 1.54660. Below is area of elder movings 1.53860-1.54050. Upside movement can be limited by zone 1.55016-1.55200, higher of which is a reference point 1.55597.

Daily levels of support: 1.54727, 1.54330, 1.53857

Daily levels of resistance: 1.55016, 1.55200, 1.55597




Upside movement of the pair continued this Monday. Important zone 120.00-120.294 with thickening of movings had been overcome and the pair fixed higher. AO index is in positive zone above level of balance and line of support/resistance. Upside movement may continue, in this case nearer targeting area may be zone 120.874-121.227. If the pair goes down, movement could be restricted by zone of support.


Daily levels of support: 120.294, 120.00, 119.361

Daily levels of resistance: 120.874, 120.948, 121.337