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Analitics 20.10



On Monday the pair insignificantly moved down and escaped from the Friday’s range. At the moment we see a resistance near a daily pivot 1.13372. AO indicator is in negative zone above line of support/resistance, but below level of balance. If we continue to move down today, nearer zone of support will be an area of elder movings 1.12953-1.13140. If we fix below, we will move toward a monthly pivot 1.12395. Upward movement may be limited by a range 1.13688-1.13919. Above this range we can move toward a weekly pivot R1 1.14522.  


Daily levels of support: 1.12909, 1.12637, 1.12395

Daily levels of resistance:  1.13372, 1.13688, 1.13919




The pair continues consolidation in a range 1.54280-1.54971. AO indicator is near zero level without a priority. Here we can see line of support/resistance and line of balance. If the price moves down from a zone of consolidation, nearer target will be MA200 near a weekly pivot 1.53813. Below we can see a way to area of elder movings 1.52963 (monthly pivot) - 1.53265.  Break through a zone of consolidation may lead the pair to a weekly pivot R1 1.55623.   


Daily levels of support: 1.54623, 1.54280, 1.53813, 1.52963

Daily levels of resistance: 1.54854, 1.54971, 1.55314, 1.55623





The pair is consolidated in a range 119.253-119.525, where we can see MA200. AO indicator is in positive zone near zero level, between line of support/resistance and level of balance. Possible decline may be limited by a range 119.253-119.085 (area of elder movings). Below we can move toward a monthly pivot S1 118.56.  Range of MA200 and elder movings 119.525-119.740 is a strong resistance. If we fix above this zone, nearer target will be a monthly pivot 119.943. Above this target we may move toward an area 120.158-120.442.   


Daily levels of support: 119.417, 119.253, 118.951, 118.760

Daily levels of resistance: 119.692, 119.943, 120.158, 120.442