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Analitics 18.11



The pair is still moving down. The price met a support at 1.06310. AO indicator is in negative zone near a zero level and between line of balance and line of support/resistance. Perhaps, we can see a correction today. If we fix above a daily pivot 1.06547, we may aim at area of resistance 1.06789-1.06858 (weekly pivot S1). Above this area we have an opportunity to reach defining movings near 1.07147. Farther target is an area 1.07389-1.07579 (weekly pivot) - 1.7686 (monthly pivot S1). MA200 is lying at a lower line of this area. Fixation below area 1.06189-1.06019 (weekly pivot S2) may aim us at level 1.05589.  Farther target is a monthly pivot S2 1.05332.    


Daily levels of support: 1.06189, 1.06019, 1.05589, 1.05332

Daily levels of resistance: 1.06547, 1.06858, 1.07147, 1.07389





The pair continues a flat in a range 1.51673-1.52516. We can see elder movings at upper line of this range and МА200 at lower line. Watershed is defining movings. AO indicator is near a zero level with line of balance and line of support/resistance, giving a signal about further flat movement. If we fix below movement range, the nearest good target area will be a range 1.51187-1.50830, where we can see a weekly pivot S1 1.50959.  Fixation above area of elder movings may aim us at range 1.52873-1.53133 (weekly pivot R1).


Daily levels of support: 1.51855, 1.51673, 1.51187, 1.50959

Daily levels of resistance: 1.52030, 1.52516, 1.52873, 1.53133





The pair cannot overcome a range 123.466 (monthly pivot R2)-123.558. Range 123.269 (weekly pivot R1) - 123.064 is a current area of support. AO indicator is near a zero level between line of support/resistance and line of balance, showing a desire to move lower. If we fix below area of support, we may meet the next support at area of defining movings and MA200 122.94-123.00. Below we have a weekly pivot 122.846. If we complete all these points, we may move towards a zone of elder movings 122.095-122.32. Fixation above area of resistance may aim us at a weekly pivot R2 124.023. Farther target is a weekly pivot R3 124.443.   


Daily levels of support: 123.269, 123.064, 122.946, 122.849

Daily levels of resistance: 123.466, 123.558, 123.864, 124.023