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Analitics 18.09


Yesterday on news background the pair got strong upside impulse and continued development of way up. At the moment after some pull back it is a resistance at a weekly pivot R1 1.14156. AO index is in positive zone above level of balance and line of support/resistance. For today it could be supposed such development of events – if dynamics of upside way would develop, breakthrough higher of this resistance may target us to a weekly pivot R2 1.14966. Downside movement and fixation below daily pivot 1.13797 may aim us to area of defining movings 1.13184.


Daily levels of support: 1.13797, 1.13184, 1.12684

Daily levels of resistance: 1.14156, 1.14749, 1.14966



The pair continued upside movement, having got good impulse on news, however dynamics were quite moderate. Seems like, the pair is going to rise. AO index is in positive zone, but below level of support/resistance and yesterday’s maximum is lower than previous one. It could be as a signal to a possible end of upside way. If the pair would continue upside movement, strong resistance may be met at area 1.56390-1.56680. During downside movement it should be overcome zone of support 1.55624-1.55442, this may open a way to monthly pivot 1.55016, below which targeting area is a zone of defining movings 1.54500-1.54600.


Daily levels of support: 1.55624, 1.55442, 1.55016

Daily levels of resistance: 1.56390, 1.56680, 1.57048




As expected, yesterday the pair got downside impulse, having pushed from resistance of monthly pivot 120.874. At the given moment there is a support in area of level 119.623. Currently we see that range 119.50/60-120.874 develops quite well. AO index is in negative zone below level of balance and line of resistance/support. Seems like, downside way is not over yet. In case of its continuation we may reach a weekly pivot S1 119.14. Upside movement may be restricted by zone 120.234-120.305.


Daily levels of support: 119.623, 119.14, 118.428

Daily levels of resistance: 120.234, 120.305, 120.874