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Analitics 17.09



As expected, this Wednesday the pair went down, but got an impulse, having met resistance near area of thickening of elder movings 1.12302. At the given moment we are fixed above key area 1.12597-1.12684 (monthly and weekly pivots). AO index is in positive zone above level of balance and line of support/resistance. Probably, the pair will grow. In this case target may be a level 1.13367, higher – 1.13525, after which is 1.13818. Considering important news background, farther targets may be 1.14156 and 1.14966. Downside movement and breakthrough of range 1.12684-1.12302 may lead us to range 1.11874-1.11688, after which is level 1.11237. Farther target is 1.10402.


Daily levels of support: 1.12753, 1.12684, 1.12597, 1.12302, 1.11874, 1.11237

Daily levels of resistance: 1.13367, 1.13818, 1.14156




On the background of positive statistics and possible increase of rate in early 2016 the pair showed strong upside impulse, having broken possible downside wave. AO index is in positive zone and overcomes previous extremums. Thus the pair made pre-high. At the moment we are in zone of resistance 1.55016-1.55442 (monthly and weekly R1 pivot). Impulse of upside wave may indicate nearer target as level 1.55743, after which is 1.56680. Below is nearer targeting level 1.54520, lower we may get acceleration of downside tendency. So the next target may be area of elder movings 1.53757-1.53576. Farther target is 1.52396.


Daily levels of support: 1.55016, 1.54520, 1.53576

Daily levels of resistance: 1.55442, 1.55743, 1.56680




Upside dynamics of the pair met resistance at monthly pivot 120.874, as expected. AO index is in positive zone above level of balance and line of support/resistance. Seems like, upside wave is not over yet. Breakthrough of specified resistance may indicate nearer levels 121.083, 121.440, 121669. Farther target is 122.763. Below we have a strong support 120.234 (weekly pivot)-120.465 (daily pivot) with a thickening of movings. Breakthrough of this zone may lead to levels 119.847 and 119.586. Farther target is 119.140.


Daily levels of support: 120.465, 120.234, 119.847, 119.586

Daily levels of resistance: 120.874, 121.083, 121.44, 121.669