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Analitics 16.09


The pair continues downside movement. This Tuesday the pair reached level of support 1.12597-1.12684, from which it was pushed but correction was restricted by defining movings. AO index is in negative zone near zero level, level of balance and line of support/resistance. Assumingly, decline of the pair may continue in case of fixation below specified level of support. In this case targeting area may be zone of elder movings 1.12157-1.12434, below which opens a way to weekly pivot S1 1.11874. Upside movement may lead to targeting level 1.13137, above this level is possible return to early achieved local extremums 1.13563-1.13840.


Daily levels of support: 1.12684, 1.12597, 1.12434, 1.12157

Daily levels of resistance: 1.12860, 1.13137, 1.13563, 1.13840




On Tuesday, as expected, the pair got impulse to a decline, continuing the way. At the moment the pair is below range 1.53576-1.53769, which earlier was a zone of support. AO index is in negative zone below level of balance and line of support/resistance. Seems like, downside way is not over yet. Nearer targeting level is 1.52970, below is a weekly pivot S1 1.52396. Breakthrough above zone of resistance may lead us to zone of defining movings 1.54140-1.54240.


Daily levels of support: 1.52970, 1.52498, 1.52396

Daily levels of resistance: 1.53576, 1.53769, 1.54241




This Tuesday the pair has been moving either down or up, but within trading range 119.62-120.874. At the moment there is a support by МА200 120.081 and resistance in area of defining movings near level 120.415. We can also specify watershed by daily pivot 120.137 and weekly pivot 120.234. AO index is positive zone near level of balance and above line of support/resistance. Seems like, upside way is not over yet.  During breakthrough above this zone the pair may reach upper line of range – monthly pivot 120.874, higher we can target to local extremums and level 121.39. Downside direction may lead to low line of range 119.624, below which targeting level is a weekly pivot S1 119.140.


Daily levels of support: 119.844, 119.352, 119.140

Daily levels of resistance: 120.234, 120.342, 120.874