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Analitics 15.10



The pair continued to grow on Wednesday. The pair met a resistance at level 1.14950. AO indicator is in positive zone above level of balance and line of support/resistance. Level of the previous local extremum was reached. If the pair continues to move up, nearer target will be a weekly pivot R2 1.15205. Fixation above this pivot may lead the pair to zone 1.16125-1.16536. Decline may be limited by 1.13919-1.14381 with defining movings. Fixation below may lead us to local zone of support 1.13050-1.13400.


Daily levels of support: 1.14381, 1.13919, 1.13400

Daily levels of resistance:  1.15205, 1.15561, 1.16125




Strong growth on Wednesday met resistance at area 1.54854-1.55207. AO index is in positive zone above level of balance and line of support/resistance. It was indicated a new local extremum. If the price continues to move up, fixation above area of resistance may lead us 1.55613, higher of which is an outlook to reach a range 1.56280-1.56585.  Possible decline may be limited by zone of support 1.54116-1.53860. Fixation below this zone may lead us to a range 1.52963-1.53380.

Daily levels of support: 1.54116, 1.52963, 1.52738

Daily levels of resistance: 1.54854, 1.55207, 1.55613, 1.56585




Abrupt decline of the pair that could lead to maximum limits of a flat range was stopped near monthly pivot S3 118.745. AO indicator is in negative zone below level of balance and line of support/resistance. If the pair breaks 118.745 and move lower, nearer target will be monthly pivot S1 118.560. Below this pivot opens a way to level 117.94 with outlook to reach farther target – monthly pivot S2 117.190. If we fix above local zone of resistance 119.090-119.184, upward movement of the pair may lead us to area of thickening of movings 119.689-119.943.  Higher target is a weekly pivot 120.128. 



Daily levels of support: 118.745, 118.560, 117.940, 117.190

Daily levels of resistance: 119.184, 119.689, 119.943, 120.128