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Analitics 14.10



The pair moves within a range 1.13503-1.14172. AO indicator moves alongside zero level in positive zone between line of balance and line of support/resistance. This tendency may continue flat movement of the pair within a limited range. Break through may lead us to area 1.143881-1.14841. Decline of the pair may lead the price to area of support 1.12834-1.13137.   


Daily levels of support: 1.13806, 1.13503, 1.13050

Daily levels of resistance:  1.13919, 1.14172, 1.14381




Yesterday’s abrupt fall of the pair on news was level by correction in a zone of resistance 1.52738-1.52963. AO indicator is in negative zone near zero level with line of balance. If correction upward way continues and the price fixes above area of resistance, nearer target will be area of defining movings 1.53225 with outlook to return into zone of resistance 1.53600-1.54116. In case of downward movement nearer target will be area МА300 and МА350 near 1.52245. At the bottom there is an outlook to reach weekly pivot S1 1.51647.   


Daily levels of support: 1.52738, 1.52245, 1.51647

Daily levels of resistance: 1.52963, 1.53600, 1.54116





The pair moves in a flat range 119.184-120.633. Watershed area is 119.943-120.128. Here we can see thickening of movings. AO indicator is in negative zone below level of balance and line of support/resistance. Break through watershed may lead us to range 120.230-120.416.


Daily levels of support: 119.504, 119.184, 118.977, 118.745

Daily levels of resistance: 119.689, 119.792, 119.943, 120.128