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Analitics 14.09



After harsh growth on Friday the pair stopped at level 1.13570. AO index is in positive zone below level of balance and near line of support/resistance. Given Friday’s maximum is lower than Thursday’s maximum. Assumingly, the upside tendency is losing its potential. Another one impulse of growth may lead to a daily pivot R1 1.14156, where opens a way to area 1.14666-1.14966. Decline of the pair may be within zone of support 1.12597-1.12760.


Daily levels of support: 1.13127, 1.12760, 1.12684, 1.12597

Daily levels of resistance: 1.13713, 1.14080, 1.14156, 1.14666




At the moment the pair indicated temporary base pattern 1.53965-1.54586. AO index is near zero level below level of support/resistance, upside tendency is going to decline. Assumingly, during the next upside impulse and movement up from the area, the pair may indicate next targeting level as monthly pivot 1.55016, further – weekly pivot R1 1.55442 as a farther target. Nearer targeting area may become a range 1.53344-1.53670 with a weakly pivot 1.53576, if the pair overcomes low line of range and support from defining movings and MA350.


Daily levels of support: 1.54291, 1.53965, 1.53576, 1.53344

Daily levels of resistance: 11.54586, 1.54912, 1.55016, 1.55207




The pair met resistance at the point of monthly pivot120.874 movement. At the moment it is fixed below defining movings. AO index is negative zone below level of balance and line of support/resistance. Seems like, downside way is not over yet. If the pair overcomes zone support 120.029-120.234, it may reach daily pivot S3 119.697, after which opens a way to weekly pivot S1 119.140.  Area 120.634-120.874 can restrict growth of the pair at the top. In case of breakthrough range 121.239-121.512 may serves as targeting area.


Daily levels of support: 120.234, 120.029, 119.967, 119.140

Daily levels of resistance: 120.634, 120.874, 121, 239, 121.512