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Analitics 09.10



The pair tries to break through resistance 1.13067 (daily pivot R1). AO indicator is in positive zone, but its movement with slowing dynamics is near level of balance and line of support/resistance. Higher than 1.13067-1.13327 the price may not move. Today movement below area of support 1.12209-1.12395 is doubtful.  If we break it, we will move toward level 1.11906.


Daily levels of support: 1.12395, 1.12209, 1.11906

Daily levels of resistance:  1.13067, 1.13327, 1.13766




The pair still tries to move higher from resistance 1.53713 (daily pivot R3). AO indicator is in positive zone above level of balance, but restricted by line of support/resistance. If we try to fix higher today, we will move toward 1.53940-1.54386 with an outlook to reach monthly pivot R1.54854. I don’t see the price below 1.52830-1.52660.


Daily levels of support: 1.53276, 1.53062, 1.52963, 1.52830

Daily levels of resistance: 1.53713, 1.53940, 1.54386, 1.54854




The pair continues movement within wide flat range 118.851-120.743. AO indicator is near zero level and moves with level of balance and line of support/resistance. Today’s watershed zone is 119.943-119.713. Possible escape higher may lead us to area 121.045-121.313. I don’t see price below specified line.  


Daily levels of support: 119.943, 119.713, 119.395

Daily levels of resistance: 120.367, 120.624, 120.743