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Analitics 09.09


For the previous day the pair faced resistance at MA200 twice, but could not pass it and got impulse to decline. At the moment AO index is in negative zone below level of balance. The price is trying to fix below defining movings. Assumingly, decline will continue and the nearest targeting levels will become daily pivots S2 1.11194 and S3 1.10866. Upward direction may be limited by area of weekly pivot 1.11878 and daily pivot 1.11962 with MA200. Upward breakthrough may lead to elder movings 1.12597-1.12887.


Daily levels of support: 1.11194, 1.10866, 1.10432

Daily levels of resistance: 1.11634, 1.11878, 1.11962, 1.12402




For the previous day the pair continued upward direction, but movement was stopped at area 1.54043-1.54125. Attempts to go higher finished with a bull failure. At the moment there is an impulse to a decline. But AO index is in positive area above level of balance, though even below line of support/resistance. Assumingly, that if the price could pass below level of support 1.53470-1.53595, the nearest target would be MA200 at area 1.53200, below which are defining movings 1.52800. Further is a weekly pivot 1.52551. Continuation of upward direction and breakthrough in area of elder movings 1.54280-1.54630 may lead the pair to a monthly pivot 1.55016.


Daily levels of support: 1.53595, 1.53470, 1.53064, 1.52551

Daily levels of resistance: 1.54483, 1.55016, 1.55287




On Tuesday the pair got a strong impulse to growth, making on its way a zigzag above defining movings for a retest. At the moment there is a resistance at a daily pivot R1 120.516 with the last MA350. AO index is in positive area above level of balance and line of support/resistance. Thus, it can be assumed, that the way is not over yet. If the pair could pass area 120.516-120.717, resistance would be met at a monthly pivot 120.874, above which the pair could aim to a pre-high area 121.80-121.90. If the pair would lower, area of МА300 and МА200 120.08-120.16 may become a current area of support, below which is the next area of support 119.679-119.64 with defining movings.


Daily levels of support: 119.679, 119.646, 119.141

Daily levels of resistance: 120.516, 120.717, 120.874, 121.058