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Analitics 07.12



After a strong rally on Thursday and attempt to develop an upward movement on Friday the price returned at zone of start. AO indicator is in negative area below line of support/resistance and in area of balance. The nearest level of resistance is a monthly pivot R1 1.08952. Fixation above may aim the pair at range 1.09357-1.10058. The nearest lower target area is a range 1.08157-1.07879 (main weekly pivot).            


Daily levels of support: 1.08157, 1.07879, 1.07658

Daily levels of resistance: 1.08952, 1.09357, 1.10058





On Friday the price indicated a local trade range at 1.50702-1.51487. Line of rotation is lying at main daily pivot 1.51132. Movement above an upper line of range may aim us at main monthly pivot 1.51820. Fixation below a lower line may aim us at main weekly pivot 1.50530. Area 1.50702-1.50530 is strengthened by the defining movings and MA200. Lower target level is a point 1.50347.


Daily levels of support: 1.50702, 1.50530, 1.50347

Daily levels of resistance: 1.51132, 1.51487, 1.51820





A strong downward rally on Thursday was levelled by an upward movement on Friday. AO indicator is in positive zone above level of balance and line of support/resistance. In case of upward movement a target area will be a range 123.482-123.738 (weekly pivot R1). We may aim above at point 123.877. In case of lowering, the nearest target area will be a range 123.018 (main weekly pivot)-122.979 (main daily pivot). Below we have MA200 and area of elder movings 122.979-122.880.


Daily levels of support: 123.018, 122.979, 122.880

Daily levels of resistance: 123.482, 123.738, 123.877