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Analitics 07.01



This Wednesday the pair showed growth, however could not fix above main monthly pivot 1.08102. AO indicator is in positive zone above level of balance and line of support/resistance. Previous maximum of January the 4th was not repeated. If the pair moves up, fixation above main monthly pivot and defining movings can aim us at point 1.08526, and then at МА200 and elder movings 1.08850-1.08900. Farther target is a range, limited by main weekly pivot 1.08995 and weekly pivot R1 1.09465.

If we move down, the nearest target will be weekly pivot S2 1.07597, where we can see main daily pivot. We can aim below at area 1.07230-1.07020. Farther target is a weekly pivot S3 1.06669. 


Daily levels of support: 1.07597, 1.07230, 1.06669

Daily levels of resistance: 1.08102, 1.08526, 1.08995




This Wednesday the pair was pushed lower. The pair met a support at weekly pivot S2 1.45894. The pair still can be pushed down. AO indicator is in negative zone between line of balance and line of support/resistance. If the pair moves down, fixation below the support can aim the pair at monthly pivot S1 1.45561 and lower point 1.45157.

If this support persists and pair makes a correction, the nearest target level will be main daily pivot 1.46367 and weekly pivot 1.46586. Farther target is an area of defining movings 1.46920.


Daily levels of support: 1.45894, 1.45561, 1.45157

Daily levels of resistance: 1.46367, 1.46586, 1.46920




A Wednesday's support could not persist and the pair moved down. The pair met a new support at monthly pivot S2 117.641. AO indicator is in negative zone below line of balance and line of support/resistance, near Wednesday's minimums. If the pair moves down and fixes below this support, we can aim at point 117.286. Farther target is a point 116.79.

If we get an upside correction and fix above point 118.195, we can aim at main daily pivot 118.677. Here we have an opportunity to reach monthly pivot S1 118.944, where we can see the defining movings. Farther target is a weekly pivot S3 119.299.


Daily levels of support: 117.768, 117.641, 117.286

Daily levels of resistance: 117.195, 118.677, 118.944