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Analitics 04.12



This Thursday the pair made an abrupt upside impulse at unjustified expectations concerning QE expansion from the ECB. The pair met a resistance at level 1.09910, at which it started rollback to growth. AO indicator is deeply in positive zone, having repeated all local maximums for the last time. Upward movement may be restrained by an area of elder movings at 1.09830-1.10220 on H4. If the pair moves down, target area will be range 1.08053 (main daily pivot) - 1.07903 (weekly pivot R3).   


Daily levels of support: 1.08670, 1.08053, 1.07903

Daily levels of resistance: 1.08952, 1.09470, 1.09910




This Thursday the pair moved up following euro and nearly reached its monthly pivot 1.51820. AO indicator is in positive zone, having repeated the nearest local extremums. Currently, rollback met a support at area 1.50809 (main weekly pivot)-1.50651 (main daily pivot). Fixation below may aim us at area of defining movings at point 1.50420. Farther target is a weekly pivot S1 1.49717. If we fix above weekly pivot R1 1.51356 and area of elder movings 1.51190-.1.51310, we may aim at main monthly pivot 1.51820.

Daily levels of support: 1.50809, 1.50651, 1.49717

Daily levels of resistance: 1.51190, 1.51356, 1.51820




The pair fell due to weakening of dollar and met a support at area of weekly pivot S1 122.224. AO indicator is in negative zone, having repeated the nearest local minimums. The price is at area of resistance 122.742 (main weekly pivot)-122.835 (main daily pivot). If we fix above, the target will be an area of the elder movings at 122.94.  Above we can see the defining movings at 123.06, after which we have an opportunity to reach target area 123.226 (weekly pivot R1)-123.374. Farther target is a weekly pivot R2 123.744.  Fixation below area 122.407 (main monthly pivot)-122.224 (weekly pivot S1) may lead us at point 122.111. Farther target is a weekly pivot S2 121.740.   


Daily levels of support: 122.742, 122.407, 122.224

Daily levels of resistance: 122.835, 123.226, 123.374