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Analitics 04.09


During the yesterday speech of ECB manager Mario Draghi the pair abruptly went down from the area of thickening of movings 1.12360-1.12597. AO index is continuing to remain in negative zone below zero level. Perhaps, downward direction of the pair will continue.  The nearest targeting levels is daily pivot S1 1.10571 and monthly pivot S1 1.09858. Possible correction up can be restrained by zone of resistance 1.12132-1.12597.

Daily levels of support: 1.10571, 1.09858, 1.09010

Daily levels of resistance: 1.11501, 1.12132, 1.12597




The pair with minimal corrections was lowering. AO index did not pass negative zone and now is below level of balance. Probably, downward wave is still not over. The nearest targeting levels at lowering are monthly pivot S1 1.51843, and daily pivots S2 1.51682 and S3 1.51173. Possible correction can be restrained at the area of defining movings at daily pivot R1 1.53051.


Daily levels of support: 1.52062, 1.51682, 1.51173

Daily levels of resistance:  1.52621, 1.53051, 1.53560




Yesterday the pair made an attempt to grow but it was restrained by defining movings. Thus, the pair went lower to level 119.115. Today it is daily pivot S2. AO index after weak entering into positive zone passed zero level in a reverse direction. At the moment it is below level of balance and going to lower. In this case targeting levels are daily pivot S3 118.591 and weekly pivot S1 117.911. Upward direction may be restrained by level of resistance 119.927-120.173 with defining movings and MA 200. In case of breakthrough the next level of resistance is 120.874-121.231.


Daily levels of support: 119.115, 118.591, 117.911

Daily levels of resistance: 119.649, 119.927, 120.173, 120.874.