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Analitics 04.01



Downward movement of the pair met a support at level 1.08251, where it started a correction. Current resistance is a main weekly pivot 1.08995. AO indicator is in negative zone near a zero level, above line of support/resistance and at line of balance. If the pair moves up today and fixes above area 1.08995-1.09097, we can aim at thickening of movings at 1.09210-1.09330. Upper target level is a weekly pivot R1 1.09465. Farther target is an area 1.09657-1.09943. The nearest support is lying at main daily pivot 1.08811. Below this level the price can return to area 1.08480-1.08251.      


Daily levels of support: 1.08811, 1.08480, 1.08251

Daily levels of resistance: 1.08995, 1.09210, 1.09330, 1.09465




Downward movement of the pair at the Asian session met a support at level 1.46879. AO indicator is in negative zone below line of balance and line of support/resistance. If the pair moves down and fixes below 1.47150-1.46879, we can aim at weekly pivot S1 1.46586.

The nearest level of resistance is a main daily pivot 1.47661. We can aim above at main weekly pivot 1.47954 and area of defining movings at 1.48275.

Daily levels of support: 1.47150, 1.46879, 1.46586

Daily levels of resistance: 1.47661, 1.47954, 1.48275




The pair moved down at the Asian session, and now this movement is trying to get a development. AO indicator is in negative zone below line of balance and line of support/resistance, aimed at minimum of December 18. The nearest target is a monthly pivot S1 118.944. If it does not persist, we have a way to reach a point 118.715. If the pair moves lower, farther target will be an area 118.070-117.641 (monthly pivot S2).

The nearest resistance is a weekly pivot S2 119.299 and weekly pivot S2 119.651. Farther target of possible correction is an area 119.949 (weekly pivot S1) - 120.301 (main weekly pivot).  


Daily levels of support: 118.944, 118.715, 118.070, 117.641

Daily levels of resistance: 119.299, 119.651, 119.949, 120.301