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Analitics 02.12



This Tuesday the pair developed a correction and met a resistance at level 1.06420.  AO indicator is in positive zone near a zero level with line of balance and line of support/resistance. If the pair moves up today, the nearest target area will be a zone of elder movings 1.06440-1.06610. Above we have a weekly pivot R1 1.06669. Farther target is a point 1.06825. Fixation below the defining movings, which shifted to level 1.05970, may aim the pair at point 1.05805. Below we have a way to a weekly pivot S1 1.05435.


Daily levels of support: 1.06087, 1.05805, 1.05435

Daily levels of resistance: 1.06163, 1.06669, 1.06825




Upward movement of the pair met a resistance this Tuesday at area 1.51182-1.51356 (weekly pivot R1). The pair fixed below the main weekly pivot 1.50809. AO indicator is in negative zone below a line of support/resistance near a line of balance. If the pair moves down, the nearest target levels will be points 1.50430 and 1.50090. Farther target is a weekly pivot S1 1.49717. Breakthrough from this area of resistance may aim us at the elder movings at level 1.51594.


Daily levels of support: 1.50430, 1.50090, 1.49717

Daily levels of resistance: 1.50809, 1.51182, 1.51356




Range movement of the pair may be indicated with 123.226 (weekly pivot R1)-122.742 (main weekly pivot). Line of rotation is a main weekly pivot 122.943. AO indicator is in positive zone above line of balance and line of support/resistance. If the price fixes above the specified upper line of the range, we may aim at area 123.577-123.744 (weekly pivot R2). If the pair moves down, lower line of this range may aim the pair at point 122.609, and area 122.407 (main monthly pivot)-122.224 (weekly pivot S1).


Daily levels of support: 122.742, 122.609, 122.407

Daily levels of resistance: 123.226, 123.577, 123.744