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Analitics 02.10



This Thursday an attempt to develop a correction was stopped at weekly pivot 1.12105 and got a downside impulse. AO indicator is near zero below level of balance, but above line of support/resistance. If we develop downward dynamics, nearer target will be a level 1.11475, after which is 1.11043 and area 1.10913-1.10736. Below opens a way to area 1.10189-1.09856. Movement above weekly pivot may be limited by monthly pivot 1.12395 with MA300 and MA350. If we fix higher, it will be opened a way to area 1.12953-1.123162.


Daily levels of support: 1.11475, 1.11043, 1.10913, 1.10736

Daily levels of resistance: 1.11782, 1.12105, 1.12395, 1.12953




The pair continues movement in flat within narrow range 1.51010-1.51738. AO indicator shows no priorities and moves near zero, where is a level of balance and line of support/resistance. Possible discharge of situation up may lead us to МА200 near 1.52133-1.52466, then higher to a monthly pivot 1.52963. Below we can see a good farther target as weekly pivot S1 1.50194.      


Daily levels of support: 1.51010, 1.50677, 1.50194

Daily levels of resistance: 1.51738, 1.52133, 1.52466




The pair continues movement within range 119.426-120.329. AO indicator is near zero level without a priority. Level of balance and line of support/resistance are also near zero level. Upward movement may lead us to area 120.654-121.031. Downward movement may lead us to area 119.426-119.086.


Daily levels of support: 119.943, 119.870, 119.426, 119.086

Daily levels of resistance: 120.329, 120.654, 121.031, 121.313