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Analitics 02.09




Pair is continuing to remain in flat in a limited position 1.12597-1.13496. AO index is in the positive zone but it pulled to the zero level and the level of balance. Perhaps, without proper catalysts the growth of pair would be limited by the weekly pivot 1.13496 with Moving Average 200. Below the current price it is the thickening of movings at the area 1.12597-1.12310, which can be as a strong support. Higher than a flat level it can be daily pivot R2 1.13996 as a nearer targeting level, lower flat level is a daily pivot S2 1.11640.


Daily levels of support: 1.12818, 1.12597, 1.12310, 1.11640

Daily levels of resistance: 1.13496, 1.13996, 1.14666


Pair is steadily going down, but the dynamic of lowering waves has decreased, that can be seen even by the AO index. It is in the negative zone and below the level of balance but is going to reach the zero level. At the current state a possible correction up is limited by the zone that determines movings around daily pivot R1 1.53735. Underneath is the nearest target for today - daily pivot S1 1.52650.


Daily levels of support: 1.52650, 1.52280, 1.52062.

Daily levels of resistance: 1.53365, 1.53735, 1.54450.





The dynamic of movement of the pair is going to lower. At the current state the pair has settled above the level of resistance of weekly and daily pivots 119.927-120.003. AO index is in the negative zone but reached again the zero level and level of balance. Possible going up can confront with the strong level of resistance at the area 120.565-120.874, where we can observe determined movings and MA 200 with the monthly pivot 120.874. The nearest lower target can be seen at the daily pivot S1 118.803.