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How perception of economy has changed in US

Looking at current US economic situation, it has not changed much since December. Three months is not enough for significant economic changes of world leader.


December is a month when the Fed raised rates and started programme of policy normalisation after eight years of “silence”.


But what has changed? The approach.


 In general, the economic situation remained the same, but consumers have no a different point of view.


Conference Board releases its monthly polls of consumers about current economic state and its future.  Judging by results, it releases detailed information that describes a typical American consumer.


The most significant changes came from forecasts about stock markets.  This question raised interest, as well as great number of interesting opinions.


Despite concerns over stock dynamics, number of people who expect their income to rise or remain unchanged has lowered.


A bigger number has concerns over labour market even when it signals about positive economic data, and unemployment remains at the lowest level. There is some worsening of forecasts over further employment on the background of these concerns.


Though consumer confidence fell since the Fed had raised rates, the most important moment is that a people expect economic conditions to worsen in the nearest outlook. These pessimistic views reflect concerns of consumers over outlooks of stock market, private income, and employment.