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Analitics 26.10



On the last Friday the pair was pushed down. However, AO indicator started an upward wave. Now we have a support at a monthly pivot S1 1.10189. AO indicator is in negative zone below line of balance but above line of support/resistance. If upward movement continues today, above a monthly pivot 1.10493 we may move toward a weekly pivot 1.11318. Downward movement may lead the pair to an area 1.09060-1.09590.


Daily levels of support: 1.10189, 1.09590, 1.09060

Daily levels of resistance:  1.10493, 1.11023, 1.11318




Friday’s decline of the pair was stopped at a range 1.52970 (monthly pivot) - 1.53438. AO indicator is in negative zone below level of balance and line of support/resistance. Assumingly, decline of the pair is not over yet, but monthly pivot 1.52970 is now a good resistance. In case of upward movement nearer target level may be a weekly pivot 1.53730, which is now at area of elder movings 1.53630-1.53910. At the top we can see a level of defining movings 1.54105. If we fix below a level of support, we may move toward S1 1.52394.

Daily levels of support: 1.52970, 1.52686, 1.52394

Daily levels of resistance 1.53438, 1.53730, 1.54105





On Friday the pair continued to move up. AO indicator did not complete an extremum and moved down. AO indicator is in positive zone above level of balance, but below line of support/resistance. Currently we have a resistance at area of monthly pivot R1 121.313.  If the pair continues to move down, nearer target area may be a weekly pivot 120.668, below which it is an area of defining movings near 120.350. Above current resistance the pair may not be permitted. However, if it happens, nearer target may be a point 121.840, above which it is a weekly pivot R1 122.201. 


Daily levels of support: 120.671, 120.350, 119.943

Daily levels of resistance: 121.313, 121.840, 122.201