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Analitics 20.11


Upward movement of the pair met a resistance at area of a weekly pivot 1.07579 and a monthly pivot S1 1.07686. Here we can see MA300. AO indicator is in positive zone above level of balance and line of support/resistance. If the price fixes above specified area of resistance, target level may be a level MA350 1.07980. Upper farther target is a range 1.08143-1.08418 (weekly pivot R1). Area of support is lying at range 1.06742-1.06858 (weekly pivot S1), where we can see defining movings. Lower target levels are the points 1.06595 and 1.06227. Farther target is a weekly pivot S2 1.06019.  


Daily levels of support: 1.06858, 1.06742, 1.06227, 1.06019

Daily levels of resistance: 1.07185, 1.07579, 1.07686, 1.08143




The pair tried this Thursday to break above a range 1.53133 (weekly pivot R1)-1.53472 (monthly pivot) bur failed. AO indicator is near a zero level below line of support/resistance, but above level of balance. Today the movement may be limited by 1.53472-1.52490 (MA350). Movement below may very difficult because of movings at rage 1.52373-1.51855 (monthly pivot S1).


Daily levels of support: 1.52490, 1.52373, 1.51855

Daily levels of resistance: 1.52864, 1.53133, 1.53472





The pair met a support at MA300 in a range 122.62-122.72 for the second time. AO indicator is in negative zone below level of balance and line of support/resistance. If the pair continues to move down, fixation below this area of support may aim us at МА350 122.42. Farther target is a range 122.095 (weekly pivot S1)-122.022 (monthly pivot R1).  Daily pivot 123.030 is a current level of resistance. Here we can see MA200. Fixation above specified point may aim us at weekly pivot R1 123.269, where we can see defining movings. The next target is a monthly pivot R2 123.466. Above we can see an area of resistance 123.605-123.790


Daily levels of support: 122.849, 122.495, 122.022

Daily levels of resistance: 123.030, 123.269, 123.466